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Hello Randoms!
We have some fresh news for you, hope you enjoy the read and all the recent activity we had!

Our admin WOOF did an excellent job organizing the first edition of the new tournament and also setting a prize pool of 25 euros, and now that it has finished, it's not something unexpected to see shooting-star not only winning, but also taking the world record from cahz0r, congratulations!

Meanwhile on XJ, we had 4 of our team members in the last release, with patchouli being chosen as the owner of the Run of the Week with her kzno_xtremeblock's run, which makes us proud of choosing her for our team.

WR Release #714 - 28 New World Records


cl_nuke done in 02:59.40 ( 02:59.70 kzz1lla )
kz_cxg_jekyll done in 02:31.57 ( 02:32.72 akkord )
kz_dare done in 08:35.82 ( 10:39.34 throttle )
kz_kzsca_cavemine done in 04:04.61 ( 14:36.23 Aguslash )
kz_kzsk_forsaken done in 04:50.51 ( 05:04.74 shooting-star )


j2s_4tunnels done in 03:08.61 ( 03:09.79 LEWLY )
kz_minimountain done in 01:12.87 ( 01:18.54 patchouli )
kz_tomb done in 06:50.14 ( 07:08.32 patchouli )
kzno_xtremeblock done in 01:48.74 ( 01:50.49 LEWLY )


k_under done in 01:30.37 ( 02:17.12 noxeR )
kz_kzdk_timber done in 05:25.16 ( 05:30.84 kropeq )
kzsca_watertemple2 done in 03:29.84 ( 03:32.20 LEWLY )
sn_warehouse done in 02:05.74 ( 02:06.33 shNz )


kz_man_neighbourhood[-md] done in 03:59.18 ( 04:51.43 rawe )

shooting-star delighted us taking some hard records. akkord's legendary kz_cxg_jekyll has finally got beaten, while kz_dare's battle with throttle is still going on, with our team member pushing hard with a 8 minutes run which is just ridiculously impressive, and also pushing one of the hardest shortcuts, a Drop BJ on kz_kzsca_cavemine, improving Aguslash's record by 10 minutes, what else can we say?

Coming back to patchouli, her demo's quality are insane, taking, in my opinion, four of the hardest records there are in XJ, beating the legendary LEWLY in two of them, some records that were thought to remain some more years, and proving that she can still push her records even harder, like she did on kz_minimountain, with a sick improvement of 6 seconds, that's something insane for a map that is only 1 minute long, well done!

Our leader fykseN showing us how to do it beating the most talented players out there, kzsca_watertemple2 is an example of a legendary map, taking 3 seconds from the beast LEWLY. And he's not only a good climber on "long" maps, he's also a speedrunner, any doubts about it? Then check sn_warehouse's record, any harder task than beating shNz on a speedmap?
It also seems that the Czechs have something special for shortcuts, that's what it seems in k_under's demo, doing a sick time of 1:30, improving 47 seconds from the previous record, amazing!

Also our newswriter rawe appeared on this release, improving his own record on kz_man_neighbourhood[-md] with the help of some old shortcuts, also beating old zhady's time of 04:02, showing us that he's not only capable to write, but also to jump.

On the other side, on Cosy-Climbing we had two releases this week, with again, 3 of our team members showing theirs skills on the site.

40 New Demos - Release #753


akzk_forestcave done in 01:18.20 ( 01:18.67 hrznnn ) (+6 KZ points)
deathrun_dojo_timer done in 00:49.82 ( 01:14.90 taipan ) (+35 KZ points)
ivns_bhop_apartment done in 00:42.15 ( 00:42.37 Dolphin ) (+10 KZ points)
kns_Dsea done in 01:29.27 ( 01:31.67 Zzz` ) (+20 KZ points)
rfx_metalbhop done in 00:46.27 ( 00:46.65 noxeR ) (+13 KZ points)
smk_hnseu_aztecbl0ck done in 00:21.31 ( 00:21.44 prize ) (+33 KZ points)
smk_towerday done in 00:29.68 ( 00:30.07 lycan ) (+20 KZ points)

39 New Demos - Release #754


kztw_brick2 done in 00:54.72 ( 00:54.74 cL1p ) (+11 KZ points)
notkz_oHS_mountain done in 03:05.89 ( 03:08.16 Cupe ) (+7 KZ points)


kzua_goldbhop_x done in 04:31.68 ( 04:54.35 topoviygus ) (+55 KZ points)


smk_fire_and_ice done in 01:17.70 ( 01:18.74 cL1p ) (+6 KZ points)

During the first release, rawe surprised us with some unexpected demos, taking records from some of the best players there are in Cosy at the moment, with an amount of 7 demos this release and instantly recovering the map that he lost on the next one, so for sure he's not a weak opponent to beat!

patchouli doesn't let anyone to mess with her, doing kzua_goldbhop_x in 4:31 which is just insane, no one is better than her for these maps and everyone knows that.

And again fykseN beating the last ROTW and his climbing rival Cupe and being only 8 demos away from Top 5. We already know we are in presence of one of the best climbers in the last years, good job for reaching such amazing skills buddy!

As always hope you enjoyed this article, any comments are welcome and see you soon!
Posted Thursday 20 April 2017 - 22:49:13  by ar rawe
Week's Summary -  fykseN | 20 Apr : 23.16
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well done everyone
the 1st challenge is over and we decided to continue this competition without changes. on the other hand, we expected more demos from you guys, i hope its only because the map choice
[ edited 20 Apr : 23.16 ]

Week's Summary -  WOOFix | 21 Apr : 22.47
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Well done everyone involved !

Nice newspost rQwe !

Next map for the Just beat it challenge will be up very soon, so stay tuned !

Bien entendu, dans les mêmes conditions -  jingboo | 23 Nov : 04.25
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Bien entendu, dans les mêmes conditions, la table de puissance hebdomadaire doit être plus chère que la table de longueurs de puissance normale, replique montre car il existe des exigences techniques plus élevées. Nous savons tous que l'horloge est maintenant essentiellement de type "S", la puissance est relativement stable, mais une fois que nous devons faire la puissance de la semaine, alors la conception horlogère ordinaire ne suffit pas, en général, l'usine horlogère sera entre l'utilisation de deux barils et certains utilisant un seul baril. Dans le cas d'un double barillet, la puissance est superposée, alors que dans le cas d'un seul canon, une plus longue est nécessaire, et dans le cas d'un tourbillon, une plus dure est utilisée, de sorte que le canon est plus grand. De toute façon, le mouvement sera différent du mouvement de base, le coût est plus élevé, il est naturel. À l'heure actuelle, le marché de la semaine dernière est très chaud, il ya un peu, tout d'abord les sept pays les plus chauds de la chaîne, puis Panerai Montre sur la chaîne 8, ainsi que Blancpain 6630,6639, Patek Philippe Montre 5100 et 5200. Il ne fait aucun doute que la série portugaise sur la 7ème chaîne des Nations dans cette période est l'evergreen sur le marché. Il porte le mouvement 52010 et le mouvement de chaîne de sept jours également utilisé dans la série pilote est 51111. Sur cette base, calendrier, tourbillon et autres fonctions complexes. Portugais 7 a été fougueux pendant de nombreuses années, la chaleur n'a pas diminué, et même fausse surface épigraphique après l'autre, il est clair qu'il s'agit d'un très populaires combinaisons de fonctionnalités, grand cadran plus cadran symétrique central, standard en trois dimensions, plein de mouvement Le dos entier, l'atmosphère est très visuelle, très délicate, après un test du marché à long terme, la qualité et le temps de trajet sont bons, un certain contenu technique, la stabilité des prix, mais pas de mouvement automatique important.

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