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Hello once again Randoms! This time we're showing you what did our team achieve during the month of May.

If we start by chronological order, the first thing we had during May was the Release #756 on Cosy-Climbing, where three players from our crew appeared.


cobkz_noob_g2g done in 00:49.37 ( 00:49.93 Cupe ) (+9 KZ points)
kzcn_mlbl0ck done in 06:29.51 ( 06:34.09 Cupe ) (+7 KZ points)
trC_mycraft_journey done in 00:52.06 ( 00:52.78 inflight ) (+10 KZ points)


bkz_goldbhop_v2 done in 02:15.08 ( 02:17.93 noxeR ) (+20 KZ points)
kzua_goldbhop_x done in 04:05.59 ( 04:07.10 patchouli ) (+8 KZ points)


ksz_hexa done in 01:43.49 ( 01:54.97 Johnny ) (+32 KZ points)

fykseN recovering his last records from Cupe, leaving those maps pretty hard to beat since we had a battle between two of the best climbers in the past years, where they pushed each other to polish their records.
It's also worth to mention his record on trC_mycraft_journey, where our team leader did a very hard shortcut to beat a map that was beatable by only a few players, and we know our Czech jumpers have something special for shortcuts.

patchouli beating legendary maps again? I'll just say that it was just the beginning, I don't want to spoil anything so keep reading and you'll see.

Also rawe beating the always hard Johnny by 10 seconds! What gave him the ROTW, well done!

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In second place we had the Longjump Cup on Xtreme-Jumps, with two of our team members participating on it, shooting-star and rawe, where they had to face each other on their first group stage's match, with the Czech machine taking the win on kz_jumprun, but they both managed to go to the final stage, where the rookies rawe and p0ker gave the surprise by beating Toffifee and shooting-star respectively, with our player rawe winning the final, showing that even our newswriter can battle with the bests, congratulations!

Two days later whe had a huge release on Xtreme-Jumps, with 19 new World Records being released, and 11 being from KZRA players.


clintmo_pentablock done in 03:45.44 ( 03:46.27 pizza^ ) Watch
kz_cg_coldblock done in 04:11.69 ( 04:20.01 Huevo ) Watch
kz_cg_palmcliff done in 02:38.20 ( 02:38.45 Toffifee ) Watch
ri_spacecliff done in 06:23.01 ( 06:24.16 Bibika ) Watch


kz_cfl_aqualand done in 03:31.95 ( 03:39.14 kayne ) Watch
kz_cfl_mountainchurch[full] done in 01:14.22 ( 01:19.47 Toffifee ) Watch


kz_kzfr_bhopspace[-md] done in 00:12.39 ( 00:16.36 AeonFlux ) Watch
kz_man_bhopsnow[-boost] done in 00:03.16 ( 00:03.28 Zzz` ) Watch
kzfr_bhop_wood done in 00:33.12 ( 00:33.30 emmalahana ) Watch


kz_kzfr_caterpillar done in 07:26.09 ( 07:29.19 cahz0r ) Watch
kzm_fineblock done in 02:27.52 ( 02:36.75 DeathClaw ) Watch

First of all we gotta congratulate fykseN for reaching Top 5 on the Xtreme-Jumps demo ranking, well done mate! This is the pure example of dedication. This time he showed us how to beat four legendary maps with four legendary record holders. We hope this is just the beginning and you can still climb a few more spots on the ranking man!

Another example of improvement is rawe giving the surprise one more time, beating two legends, kayne and Toffifee. We can also add that he beat another legend, g-Lp, since he had a time of 03:35.16 on kz_cfl_aqualand that was removed due to the use of +use spam bind, but that's not even close to rawe's great time of 03:31.95, awesome!

The old emmalahana coming back once again doing what he's best at, raping AXN maps, still pushing this never ending battle with Zzz` and improving his old time of kzfr_bhop_wood. Keep showing all who is the real AXN master!

We already seen that shooting-star managed to beat the World Record on kz_kzfr_caterpillar and also winning the first KZRA Challenge, but he also did a sick and precise run on kzm_fineblock, a map where our also team member DeathClaw used to record a couple of times, leaving it almost unbeatable... almost.

Then we had two more releases on Cosy-Climbing:

Release #757


kzso_snowrun done in 04:04.65 ( 04:10.41 Cupe ) (+20 KZ points)


hb_patchouli_v2 done in 03:33.86 ( 03:36.63 Logitechhhhh ) (+3 KZ points)
kzua_shortly_climb done in 00:22.26 ( 00:22.65 aLeee ) (+18 KZ points)
mad_bhopit done in 03:21.42 ( 03:29.79 topoviygus ) (+26 KZ points)

Again two of the most active players appearing, with the Czech fykseN again beating a record from Cupe, may this be a sign for the Argentinian to come back and recover the 1st place in the Demo Ranking? Only time will tell.

Again the surprise rawe adding 3 more records to his list, beating two hard opponents like aLeee and topoviygus and climbing each release a few more spots in the Demo Ranking.

Release #758


xm_blocks done in 00:16.51 ( 00:16.77 colcol` ) (+54 KZ points)


bkz_goldbhop_v2 done in 02:14.43 ( 02:15.08 patchouli ) (+8 KZ points)
kzua_goldbhop_x done in 03:59.44 ( 04:05.59 patchouli ) (+29 KZ points)


bkz_grassblock done in 03:35.93 ( 03:38.83 shxKh ) (+17 KZ points)
etl_speedcliff done in 00:59.08 ( 01:00.25 KenLawrence ) (+27 KZ points)
fu_roundhops_ez done in 03:18.33 ( 03:45.15 Kinich_ ) (+60 KZ points)
ivns_armageddon_2016 done in 01:11.83 ( 01:12.65 junt ) (+7 KZ points)
ivns_sandy done in 00:59.28 ( 01:00.46 Dolphin ) (+20 KZ points)
kzro_darkfury2 done in 02:06.10 ( 02:10.31 yellow ) (+20 KZ points)

As we know, on speedmaps every fraction of a second counts, and fykseN knows that very well, specially if the map is only 16 seconds long. That's why he decided to add a 180° bhop on a tiny block to gain some time, pretty innovating and cool to watch!

patchouli on Goldbhop? Again? Yeah. Seems like making demos almost unbeatable is not enough for the Chinese beast, she keeps pushing them to the limit, and yeah, it's not even her best yet!

Another surprise from... well, it's something usual already, rawe adding 6 more records to his collection, becoming the 5th Argentinian with more records on Cosy-Climbing, what a fast development!

But we are humans and we can't always success as a team, that's what happened on the Bhop Cup on Xtreme-Jumps, with only rawe participating from our crew. Sadly he couldn't pass the group stage, making this cup nothing more than a experience for the next one, good luck next month!

And here's where I wanted to be, on the Release #760 from Cosy-Climbing.


kzru_forestclimb done in 02:07.85 ( 02:11.25 Cupe ) (+13 KZ points)
kzsca_sonic_e done in 02:40.78 ( 02:45.54 omilo ) (+19 KZ points)


bkz_goldbhop_h done in 01:44.93 ( 01:45.21 shNz ) (+10 KZ points)
bkz_goldbhop_mini done in 00:32.68 ( 00:32.96 talita ) (+25 KZ points)
bkz_goldbhop_v2 done in 02:12.79 ( 02:14.43 patchouli ) (+17 KZ points)
kzcn_goldbhop done in 01:40.42 ( 01:42.76 Mrjuice ) (+24 KZ points)
kzua_goldbhop_x done in 03:29.52 ( 03:59.44 patchouli ) (+138 KZ points)
notkz_goldbhop_x done in 04:28.41 ( 05:16.78 patchouli ) (+47 KZ points)


ham_cavyspeed done in 06:43.59 ( **:** n/a ) (+1 KZ point)
ins_brickblock done in 01:36.87 ( 01:40.64 memek ) (+12 KZ points)
ivns_cobalt done in 00:27.61 ( 00:27.82 Mrjuice ) (+11 KZ points)

Again and again fykseN opening the release by beating his teammate Cupe, I think he was looking for Cupe's comeback, and he was right, but the comeback didn't appear in Cosy-Climbing but one step higher, on Xtreme-Jumps.

WOW, can we call it "Goldbhop Madness"? I don't know, most of you were probably speechless after seeing patchouli's performance, beating the most iconic maps in Cosy-Climbing, and who knows, maybe preparing something for Xtreme-Jumps?

Beating memek and Mrjuice isn't an easy task right? That's why rawe chose them, to go to the next level and prove himself that he can improve every week even more, very nice performance!

And even if this was already on June, why shouldn't we include it?

Release #717


ae_strafers_heaven done in 02:08.42 ( 02:08.68 DeathClaw ) Watch
kz_deanhawkins_b01 done in 04:13.69 ( 04:16.82 Chasquido ) Watch
kz_lighthouse done in 04:16.05 ( 04:18.01 WetDreams ) Watch
kz_wsp_valleyclimb done in 01:13.49 ( 01:14.92 rOboTaa ) Watch


dyd_horizon done in 03:50.12 ( 03:58.98 throttle ) Watch
fu_sane done in 04:21.51 ( 05:09.35 topoviygus ) Watch
kz_redbrickworld done in 02:25.33 ( 02:31.01 kayne ) Watch
xj_ap_abyss done in 01:20.21 ( **:**.** n/a ) Watch
xj_ap_hollywood done in 01:08.37 ( **:**.** n/a ) Watch


kz_bridge done in 03:18.32 ( 03:19.52 rOboTaa ) Watch
kz_ea_desert done in 01:45.47 ( 01:45.88 shNz ) Watch
kz_junglemountain done in 03:38.15 ( 03:38.87 volte ) Watch


xj_ap_matsuo done in 01:37.94 ( **:**.** n/a ) Watch

This release gave us a nice surprise, with our man Cupe making his comeback, showing that he's on a very good shape. He now became, together with Mrjuice, the Argentinian with the most World Records, achieving a total of 11, but I'm sure he will keep pushing hard and joining Top 10 soon, we have faith in you!

Another WOW performance, who else than shooting-star for it, doing some pretty precise runs on two very complex maps, dyd_horizon and fu_sane, recovering his records to show everyone that he's one of the best players of hard maps in these days.
Also, a ROTW it's a pretty impressive record for everyone, right? Well, not for him, kz_redbrickworld done in 02:31:01 by kayne was the last choice for the Run of the Week, so our Czech beast decided to make it a bit more complex, by setting an awesome shortcut like he's used to do, setting a time of 02:25.33, time that was considered impossible even a few weeks back, keep improving the game man!

If we think about Top 5 we surely think about LEWLY, obviously because he's one of the most iconic players the game has ever had, that's why fykseN wants to be the 4th best player at the moment so hard, to prove he's becoming a legend of the game. He's only 7 demos away from the Swedish, so keep your eyes on fykseN, because these next months he'll doing history.
There's also a fun fact here, kz_bridge was the first ever recorded map by fykseN for KZSK, such a nice thing to see that he's holding the World Record now!

And last but not less, last month we had our Second KZRA Challenge, with kz_deanhawkins_b01 being chosen as the map to be beaten. As we already seen in the last XJ release, our man Cupe did an awesome job by taking 3 second from the previous record from the legendary Chasquido, winning the amount of 25€ provided by our Admin WOOF, thanks for making this possible man and congratulations Cupe!

But hey! We had another surprise within the challenge, the man himself, Chasquido appeared! Submitting a time of 04:16.02. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough for winning the challenge or keeping the record, but we really hope is not the last time we see you, everyone is waiting for you to comeback and show everyone who is the boss, we're waiting for you Chasquido!

As we can see we're growing everyday as a team, this past month was full of activity and we can't wait for June to see more records and competitions. But some people keeps telling the game is dead. Maybe they should review this last month again.

Thanks for reading!

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