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It's been a long time since there was a newspost with some fresh infos, and since our previous writer rawe left us, I'm gonna take over and keep you guys up to date from time to time.

First of all, the KZRA Challenge.

Attendance was a bit disappointing honestly, even if every map was beaten with a WR time (by active players shooting-star & fykseN, and even inactive ones like Cupe).
It's worth noting an old school player gave it a try, Chasquido trying the 2nd map and sending a fresh demo, only to be beaten at the last minute by Cupe.
We are going to pursue the Just beat it challenge for a couple of months (with better map choice, promise!) and we are hoping for a bigger attendance, to rise the level and the attractiveness of our team. Let's get them wrists warmed up boys!

Second topic, team members.

Unfortunately, our main writer rawe left us to join INSILIO team (your reviews will be missed dude, we wish you the best in the other team). sparkEE was also removed from the team due to lack of investment and activity.
We would like to remind everyone who is willing to apply to our team, esp. as a player, that being active and invested is a top priority.

Third on the list, team tournament.

Our CEO fykseN has been working behind the curtain to organize with INSILIO's team leader, hoLy, a team tournament between our two teams, in association with XJ.
Things are coming together and it will surely take place in a near future. This sounds like a lot of fun quite frankly, from a players point of view, but even to spec!
More news about this project in the following weeks, stay tuned 😉

That's it for today boys!

Posted Sunday 24 September 2017 - 20:50:13  by ru WOOFix

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