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Hello everyone!

Following the regular refreshment of our roster, I am happy to announce our newly accepted members:

ChiChiN as a mapper & Kreedzer: amazing oldschool talent coming from Czech Republic, a country that already produced savage KZRA players fykseN & shooting-star, his amazing recs on xtreme-jumps.eu speak for themselves. He's also a creative guy as a mapper producing astonishing maps. An accomplished player with a great character. Old love never rusts, we are glad that ChiChiN decided to come back once again.

MEEL as a Kreedzer: huge powerhouse coming from Lithuania, a climber that doesn't really need to be presented. His contribution to kz-baltic records list became legendary. His expansion to world recording was certainly turning heads in the past, and it will in the future. MEEL also stood his ground in the recent Spring Cup 2019, finishing in Top 6. Hope on seeing amazing stuff from this gentleman!

Axerial as a Kreedzer: newcomer coming from Bulgaria, following the steps of KZ-Random's climb beast DeeDFTW. A certain approach to climbing opens your way to this very team, and we witnessed talents being sharpened in the past. With maps like jost & jost_ez, previously held by mgD himself, Axerial showed versatility and patience.

blackelf as a moviemaker: One of a kind, young and talented. The name blackelf is now connected with many superlatives, as he quickly became a solid moviemaker with innovative attitude. Walking into the undiscovered waters of unused software, following the legacy of IceVip, blackelf started providing clips and movies of great quality, and will be now collaborating with KZ-Random players within a closer distance.

A clip winning the overall XJ Mega Poll:

Welcome aboard boys!

That's about it for the recruitment part, stay tuned for more news!

Cya around,

Posted Thursday 28 March 2019 - 12:34:33  by fr WOOFix
Inside news #3 : Recruitment -  MEEL | 01 Apr : 15.09
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Thanks for accepting me and welcome everyone else

Inside news #3: Recruitment -  surRendi | 02 Apr : 10.20
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Welcome you guys

Inside news #3: Recruitment -  jaguar | 02 Apr : 20.43
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Welcome !!!

Inside news #3: Recruitment -  DeeDFTW | 08 Jun : 21.48
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Haha, fascinating to read something like this after so many years! Good luck, guys.

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