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Hey everyone!

Our plans for updating the old design are finally aligning together. Recently our household moviemakers/designers worked on new avatars, webdesign and some misc stuff for twitch. New avatars including all country flag logos should be available (let us know if yours is missing). Huge thanks to blackelf and jaguar. KZ-Random webdesign should follow this year, so stay tuned. Download

Be sure to sign into the traditional KZ tournament held on XJ, the competition is strong and the prize pool is high. Hopefully we'll see each other there!

I would also like to introduce a new addition to our KZ roster. It's a player that I enjoyed watching for the last year+ and I'm more than sure that this is the team he belongs to. Have our warm welcome voX:

voX [twitch] [Kreedz]

As always, I'd like to remind you that you can apply via application panel on the website. We're open to that!

Good luck!
fykseN & KZRA team

Posted Saturday 02 May 2020 - 19:24:02  by cz fykseN
Inside news #4: Makeover -  MEEL | 02 May : 19.35
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Welcome voX! Enjoy your stay Also huge thanks again for the avatars, they look amazing

Inside news #4: Makeover -  WOOFix | 02 May : 20.53
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Gj everyone involved and welcome aboard VoX !

Inside news #4: Makeover -  jaguar | 02 May : 21.00
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Registered: 14 Apr : 06.00

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Welcome vox!!

Inside news #4: Makeover -  Cypek | 03 May : 00.14
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awesome job thank you blackelf for those avatars

Inside news #4: Makeover -  blackelf | 03 May : 00.15
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Nice to see you here Vox!

Inside news #4: Makeover -  DeeDFTW | 03 May : 00.27
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Welcome brate <3 ! congrats for the dope avatars as well! good to see so much good output from hardwork.

Inside news #4: Makeover -  Trajko | 03 May : 15.20
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Gratz voX!

Inside news #4: Makeover -  swatter | 26 May : 07.30
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Registered: 30 Jun : 19.55

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