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I'd like to present our new tournament admin WOOFix. He immediately started working and throwing ideas, I'm glad to see such effort and I wish him only the best. Together we will be taking care of upcoming challenges and tournaments. Those events will be happening solely on this site, some of them exclusively for the members.

The most important aspect of this idea is you, the KZ team. We would like to organize a challenge for all our KZ members, something like Just beat it (already happened on kzsk.sk and xtreme-jumps.eu).

We would love to see participate as much jumpers as possible, so there will be a prize money as motivation for you. I've created a poll just so we can see how many of you would accept such challenge. We will announce the results in the upcoming newspost.

Posted Tuesday 14 March 2017 - 13:17:32  by cz fykseN
Hello ladies and gentlemen!
As some of you may know, new players were recruited to the team. Luckily for us, the activity will rise again.
For the rest of the ensamble and everyone else visiting our website, we prepared a brief introduction of each player.
KZ-random has a longline of unique, talented climbers through its history. This fact will stay valid thanks to these guys:


Player Profile
Name: Ivjiawei

City: Shanghai

Age: 18

Experience: Since 2012

Style: Climbing

XJ Demos: 1

XJ Ranking: #77

Cosy Demos: 15

Cosy Ranking: #40

Best World Record: cosy_dustblock done in 09:08.01 ( 09:11.27 LEWLY )

Gaming Gear
Mouse: Logitech G400

Keyboard: Noppoo Choc2-104 Mechanical

Sensitivity: 1000dpi, 500hz, 2.8 in-game, 9/11 Windows


Player Profile
Name: Li Zhuo

City: Changchun, Jilin

Age: 20

Experience: Since 2012

Style: Climbing

XJ Demos: 6

XJ Ranking: #30

Cosy Demos: 11

Cosy Ranking: #50

Best World Record: kz_world done in 20:30.64 ( 20:46.39 kayne )

Gaming Gear
Mouse: Logitech G400

Keyboard: Royal Kludge RG928 (Red Switchs)

Monitor: Acer 60hz

Headphones: Somic g923


Player Profile
Name: Zhang Lan Xin

City: Anhui

Age: 20

Experience: Since 2009

Style: Hard maps

XJ Demos: 8

XJ Ranking: #18

Cosy Demos: 31

Cosy Ranking: #28

Best World Record: kz_synergy_x done in 03:43.72 ( 04:22.64 shNz )

Gaming Gear

2000 dpi
500 hz
0.815 sensitivity

4000 dpi
1000 hz
0.407 sensitivity

Keyboard: Logitech G105

Mousepad: Xuan paper


Player Profile
Name: Lucas

City: Rio do Sul, Santa Catarina

Age: 17

Experience: Since 2013

Style: Hard maps

XJ Demos: 0

XJ Ranking: -

Cosy Demos: 38

Cosy Ranking: #24

Best World Record: kzbr_dust_h done in 03:15.50 ( 04:25.82 .script )

Gaming Gear
Mouse: Logitech G402
Keyboard: CM Storm Quickfire TK (Brown Switches)
Mousepad: Roccat Hiro
Monitor: LG 20EN33
Headphones: Tritton 510 HDA 5.1

Welcome guys and let's make some more kz history

Posted Tuesday 14 February 2017 - 06:10:54  by us rawe

In order to refresh kz-random team roster, we've decided to accept and give a chance to fresh and talented jumpers. During this step, I've also moved the longest inactive members of our KZ team to "honorary" section, where they surely deserve to be. We believe that these changes may increase the activity of our community and also motivate our new members/applicants.

These are our newly accepted climb beasts from China:

R300K: XJ profile | CC profile (aka LshXNRz)
IDENY: XJ profile | CC profile

I'm pretty sure that those guys will do their best to show us what they're capable of.
Good luck!

Posted Thursday 15 December 2016 - 18:34:18  by cz fykseN

I would like to announce few changes that happened and will be happening in the following months.
First and most important thing is Cypek's retirement. I'm glad that he passed his position to me and I'd like to thank him for his hard work and his great contribution to this community, we will sure miss you.

From now on you can aim your questions and requests up to me, as I will be taking care of kz-random.net site as a new head admin. Hopefully I'll be able to lead this site as the titans before me. I will be availible for everyone and you can contact me via my steam account or just a simple personal message.

Next big thing that happened during last week is shooting-star becoming the very 1st player that reached the highest number of overall records. After releasing his special 40 demos release, shooting-star is now in the lead of xtreme-jumps ranking with 129 demos (previous record was 121). Congratulations for the most successful kz-random jumper in history, and I'm personally wishing you more achievments in 1.6 and also in your real life.

As the last thing, I'd like everyone who decides to write an application to keep the requested format. It will be much easier for us to decide whether you'll become a member or not.

This is all I wanted to announce. You can expect more news and hopefully things like tournaments very soon


Posted Tuesday 08 November 2016 - 19:34:32  by cz fykseN

First of all,I have to say sorry for not posting the news about WR releases these days,hope you guys forgive me.OK let's move your attention back to topic of this news.In the past few weeks,we got a large number of outstanding WorldRecords from XJ top1 guy shooting-star,so I decide to make this special WRnews for ya.

Release #699 from Xtreme-Jumps 11-World Records

cah_lost done in 01:56.97 ( 02:00.87 YRagoN92 )
kz_desolate3 done in 01:56.59 ( 02:00.67 aloprando )
kz_ea_goldenblock done in 04:33.79 ( 04:36.88 LEWLY )
kz_fairy_island[-secret] done in 03:15.60 ( 03:21.05 pizza^ )
kz_ghat[+cave] done in 01:28.45 ( 01:30.19 Toffifee )
kz_kzfr_mariocastle done in 08:46.72 ( 09:28.35 shooting-star )
kz_kzsca_desk[icecave] done in 05:46.91 ( 05:50.74 kropeq )
kz_to0nride done in 04:08.11 ( 04:09.00 koukouz )
kz_toscana done in 02:01.44 ( 02:02.89 Flibo )
kzsk_communityblock done in 17:18.00 ( 18:22.90 Spider1 )
sn_ezycliff done in 02:37.81 ( 02:38.92 fykseN )

Release #700 from Xtreme-Jumps 13-World Records

bkz_dusttemple done in 02:51.44 ( 02:52.74 Nukk )
kz_c2l_icebean done in 03:47.23 ( 03:50.63 Berkut )
kz_cup_storage done in 01:58.90 ( 01:59.35 KeltA )
kz_dojo done in 04:26.78 ( 04:29.33 Bibika )
kz_faw_cathedral_e done in 01:43.66 ( 01:44.48 Memories )
kz_faw_cathedral_h done in 01:50.47 ( 01:51.94 Memories )
kz_fortress done in 10:48.59 ( 11:10.28 Memories )
kz_j2s_tetris done in 03:56.42 ( 03:58.04 skizze )
kz_kzsca_downtown done in 03:17.64 ( 03:28.69 Poter )
kz_phoogi done in 03:43.63 ( 03:51.53 LEWLY )
kz_wsp_cavity done in 04:10.46 ( 04:15.36 Toffifee )
kz_xj_doubleblock done in 08:17.26 ( 08:24.37 JrG )
prochallenge_precision done in 02:54.93 ( 03:00.19 novice )

Release #701 from Xtreme-Jumps 1-World Records

prochallenge2_mix_ez done in 09:28.19

Of course we won't forget our axn master emmalahana he managed to beat some nice world records.All I want to say is that you can take them back !

WR Release #699 from Xtreme-Jumps

kz_man_bhopdesert[-boost] done in 00:02.91 ( 00:06.26 Zzz` )
kz_man_bhopocean[-boost] done in 00:04.39 ( 00:06.16 Zzz` )
kz_man_bhopsnow[-boost] done in 00:03.38 ( 00:06.53 Zzz` )

Let's see what happend in Cosy-Climbing.In the past few weeks,our mate fykseN managed to take some awesome records from Nukk, Spider1, DizZy and so on.And I'd like to list some of fykseN's achievements.

WR Release from Cosy-Climbing

kzcn_ftwbhop_v1 done in 03:02.49 ( 03:06.78 fykseN )
bkm_Catac0mbe done in 01:50.81 ( 01:50.93 DizZy )
hb_fykseN done in 10:47.17 ( 12:38.86 Spider1 )
kzlu_theblack done in 02:07.37 ( 02:09.62 DizZy )
kzsk_woodbhop done in 00:45.05 ( 00:48.88 DiLo )
kzst_akhet done in 01:55.45 ( 02:03.18 7uP )
daza_escape done in 01:28.38 ( 01:31.04 Nukk)
stskty_goldenvalley done in 02:17.08 ( 02:17.25 Nukk)

Good job guys! And keep up the good work.

Posted Saturday 01 October 2016 - 04:06:07  by cn d3sTiny
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